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Ryan Lichtenwalter

Human Pain Genetics Lab
McGill University
rlichtenwalter at gmail dot com

About Me

I received my B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Notre Dame in 2006. After a year of employment with Lockheed Martin, I returned to academia. I received my M.S. in 2009 and my Ph.D. in 2012 in computer science specializing in applying data mining and network science to large data sets.

Research Interests

My initial Master's degree research interests centered on classification in dynamic data streams, especially focusing on the intersection of class imbalance and concept drift. I indulged myself in a brief foray into computer music with a recurrent classification approach to algorithmic composition. My Ph.D. research focused on network science with emphasis on the link prediction problem. My dissertation was titled "Network analysis and link prediction: effective and meaningful modeling and evaluation". I enjoy the challenges of large data sets, and I have worked with data sets on the scale of trillions of instances. I support open, reproducible research, and I have worked to maximize the transparency and reproducibility of my own work through the encapsulation of my research methods in publicly available open-source software.














Programming Languages

Proficiency Levels

  1. High Proficiency - Has explored and mastered esoteric aspects of the language. Is capable of rapidly writing complex code with few initial errors and little to no reference material. Is capable of performance analysis and knowledgeable of sophisticated optimization issues. Extensive practical experience.
  2. Moderate Proficiency - Has mastered fundamental and advanced aspects of the language. Is capable of writing complex code with few initial errors and minimal reference material. Solid practical experience.
  3. Basic Proficiency - Has mastered fundamental aspects of the language, but has not explored more nuanced topics particular to the language. Is capable of writing code, possibly sub-optimal, with the aid of a reference to accomplish sophisticated goals. Some practical experience.


My Wife

My wife's name is Katerina. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in French, a B.A. in music, and an M.A. in musicology. We met at Notre Dame during our undergraduate studies. She is currently in a Ph.D. neuroscience program at McGill University.

My Daughter

My daughter's name is Lorelei.

My Interests

International Travel